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If you were unable to catch the premiere of 'At the Movies', here's your second chance!

Each year, we make an effort to reach the One in an exciting series named "At the Movies". Our faces are 'set like flint' to makeing more and better disciples, and this is perhaps our most creative and exciting series geared toward that goal.

We leverage all of our creative steam building content and appealing to the lost with an invitation to watch movies together in church! Each of the three sundays, we showcase a different blockbuster film and interpose a sermon with high production value. The result is an unforgettable experience that combines the ambience and energy of going to the movies with the truth of the gospel! Guests learn how to find God in the stories that, before, were thought to be simple escapes from reality, and can carry this newfound perspective into their lives--ready to find God in every adventure that awaits them.

Week 1

Week 2


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