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I'm new to around here, What's next?

We are committed to creating a place where people belong immediately. So, whether you are brand new to church, or you have been a Christian your whole life, we want to create space for you. We believe that everyone should follow Jesus because that is the single greatest decision you could ever make. We believe that every person should discover what God has uniquely made them to do. We want you to encounter God in a life altering authentic way that can reveal the VIVID story he has for you!! Lets start here on these three steps.....

We would love to get to know you more.  Please fill out our connect card so we can be here to pray with you or help you in any way. We can also keep you in the loop about what is coming up here at VIVID. 


1. Connect Card

This is all about discovering the culture and vision of Vivid Church. Afterwards, you will be invited to Serve 101, where you can learn about partnering with us in that vision to see the lost reached here in the midlands.


2. Party with the Pastor 

We want you to find your people! We were not meant to do this alone. Jesus calls us all to follow him in this process called discipleship, and that always happens in the context of relationship. Our mission is to make more and better disciples, so come and find out what that means!


3. Small Groups

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