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About Allen & Amanda Kendrick

Allen and Amanda met at a youth camp during the summer of 2008 in the hills of Alabama. They both graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Dallas, Texas. Then, they spent four wonderful years in California as Young Adult Pastors.


Allen is a passionate, energetic, and lively southern boy raised in Birmingham Alabama. Amanda is a sweet and sassy southern belle that thrives on deep conversations and fun times. Many would say that being a Jesus follower is boring, mundane, or dull…not the Kendricks! Their experience has been the opposite and they believe that following Jesus is adventurous, unforgettable, and deeply satisfying.

This very fact drove them to pack up everything they knew and move to Columbia, South Carolina to plant Vivid Church. They have never lived there before, but their reckless pursuit of the call of God lead them to the next surprising season. The church had its first public service on September 20, 2020 and there’s no end in sight! Joining them in this journey are their three daughters, Emma, Mazie, & Lennon Kendrick.

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