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The Gullet Family's Story

The Gullett family was a typical family. Katie and Dustin both worked full-time jobs and had 2 children. In 2012 they felt God lead them to pursue foster care, and their lives haven't been the same since! Below is a glimpse into the journey of adoption and foster care that the Gulletts have been on. As you read this, may you feel encouraged to say YES to whatever Jesus is calling you to!


In October 2012, we felt God’s call for us to expand our family through adoption. We had no idea where or how to begin but knew if God had called us…He would show us the way. In October 2013, we attended an informational lunch/meeting. We left the meeting with peace, joy, hope, and confirmation of God’s call for us to adopt. Our journey had begun! Paperwork and meetings were in store, but we were ready!

Foster care has been hard and beautiful. There have absolutely been hardships and moments when we have questioned if this is truly what God wants us to do. We have struggled to know how to best love and support every child that we've welcomed into our home. But every time, God has shown up.

We've gotten to see Him in ways we never would have otherwise.

We step into the hard, lean into the broken, and open up our family to be vulnerable to the traumatic and difficult because that’s what Jesus has done. Our children have also been open to fostering and adopting. They are the reason we continue to say YES. Foster care and adoption have given our children an opportunity to live out their faith.

When they themselves choose to love, care for, and sacrifice for a foster sibling, they live out what it means to love like Jesus.

If God is calling you to foster or adopt...say, YES. There's nothing remarkable about us. We simply said YES, and God has taken care of the rest.


The Gulletts are now coaching other families who are planning to foster or adopt. They have grown from a family of 4 to a family of 9 through this journey and have fostered over 20 children throughout the years. Through it all, He has shown them that His love is enough, and His sovereignty is their sanity.

You never know where your YES may take you, but one thing is certain... Wherever Jesus is, anything is possible! If you would like to learn more about what it means to foster or adopt,

REGISTER today for the next training on May 20th-22nd!


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