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CJ & Kimmy Sparger | Group Leaders

This last year was very special to us because we were finally in our own home again and able to open up and love on others. Our group experienced great growth both in numbers and relationally. I loved having such a diverse group where some had small kids and some had grown - some newer in faith and some believers for decades! To sum it all up, our group is just really special. Even knowing it's special, we often question whether or not we are making an impact. Then we had a couple recently move and when they told us how much the group had meant to them.

Even though I don't always see the impact, we are making one just by being here, opening up our home to others, and watching our kids grow up together.

The kids REALLY REALLY love coming! They ask their parents to come over all the time. I love that they get to see us talking, encouraging and praying together.


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