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The Power of an Invitation

Brianna is a graduate of Red Oak High School & plays varsity softball. Her passion for the game, her drive, and her hard work has made her a natural leader. It has also helped her to get accepted into OSU where she'll be playing for their D1 team. At the beginning of 2021, Brianna gave her life to Jesus and was baptized shortly after, living a completely transformed life for God and loving His Word. Below is a short testimony from Brianna:

"I’ve been playing softball since I was 3 years old and thought my purpose was to be the best softball player. What God has shown me recently is that

He gave me the ability to play softball TO reach people.

At first, I was scared to be public about my faith because I didn’t want my friends to think I was going to judge them, but Jesus changed my heart and He allowed me to love people differently. My teammates knew I wasn’t there to judge them, I was just there to love them. And that’s what I am called to do. I am called to live like Jesus. I know at the end of the day that no matter how good I am at softball, it’s not going to matter. How many people I take to heaven with me, that’s going to matter."

Over the last couple of weeks, Brianna has been inviting her softball team to church with her until one week, the entire team came to Oaks Youth! Every week since, more players have come to church with her. The night she gave her testimony, her cousin walked up to the front to give her life to Jesus and Brianna was able to go to the Altar Room and encourage her to take her next steps. Brianna's transformation didn't end with Brianna. Her transformation continues to impact those around her through the simple act of inviting others to join her.

When you invite someone to church, or to be a part of your Oaks Group, or to just do life with you, you're saying, "Come and see the goodness of God! You belong! Be a part of it!" Who is God calling you to extend an invitation to today?


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