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Daily Devo - Day 17


Daniel 9:3a – So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer…


Daniel is probably best known as the hero in the Bible story of “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” found in Daniel 6. In this story, because Daniel was a man of prayer, he was thrown into a den of lions and was miraculously saved from death. However, he also is depicted as a man of prayer in Daniel, chapter 9. This chapter gives us insight into some keys to Daniel’s prayer life.

First, we see that Daniel read the Word of God to initiate his time of prayer. The prophet Jeremiah had revealed God’s timetable for bringing Israel back to their land. Then, he used the scripture to direct what he prayed. Next, Daniel praised the Lord in verse 4, for his greatness, faithfulness, and steadfast covenant love. Also, Daniel demonstrated a humble heart – by his fasting and acknowledging Israel’s sins and God’s justice in correcting them. Finally, Daniel brought his requests for the LORD to fulfill the promises he had made through the prophet Jeremiah.


For our prayer focus today, let’s begin by reading a passage of Scripture – such as Psalm 23, for example. Ask the LORD to direct you in responding to this Scripture in your prayer time. Praise and worship the LORD for all his greatness and faithfulness. Psalm 23 describes a loving and kind Shepherd that cares for His sheep.

Just as sheep are dependent upon the shepherd for their protection and provision, humbly acknowledge your dependence upon Jesus, the Good Shepherd, for all your needs. Finally bring your requests before the LORD and lay them at His feet.


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